Three Counties Medical School

Dean of School

College Directors - College of Health, Life and Environmental Science

Senior Leadership Team


  • Professor Rachel Ashworth

    Founding MBChB Phase 1 Lead, Professor of Education in Physiology

  • Hannah Bland

    Integrated Clinical Methods (ICM) Facilitator

  • Dr Alison Cook

    Integrated Clinical Methods Facilitator

  • Leo Donnelly

    Principal Lecturer in Anatomy

  • David Jeffrey

    Problem-Based Learning Facilitator, Ethics & Law Subject Lead

  • Professor Lisa Jones

    MBChB Student Support & Guidance Lead, Psychology Subject Lead, Professor of Psychological Medicine

  • Dr John Lewis

    Senior Lecturer in Problem-based Learning, Integrated Clinical Methods and Faculty Development

  • Dr Clare Marley

    Senior Lecturer, Problem Based Learning Facilitator, MBChB Programme

  • Professor Kay Mohanna

    Founding MBChB Programme Lead, Professor of Values Based Healthcare Education

  • Dr Russell Peek

    Principal Lecturer and MBChB Phase 2 Lead

  • Richard Singleton

    Clinical Skills Lead

  • Professor Rebecca Jayne Stack

    Founding MBChB Assessment Lead, Equality Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Professor of Student Success and Medical Assessment

  • Dr Louise Steele

    Integrated Clinical Methods Facilitator

  • Dr Louise Stepien

    Problem Based Learning Facilitator

  • Dr Lauren White

    Senior Lecturer in Simulation and Interprofessional Learning at TCMS; Consultant in Stroke and General Internal Medicine at Worcester Royal Hospital; MBChB Fitness to Practice Lead

Physician Associate